Lunch at SICOLY® with the Relais Desserts chefs

SICOLY® welcomes the Relais Desserts chefs during their seminar in Lyon

 On Monday 6th of May, we had the pleasure to welcome the famous chefs from the Relais Dessert association in the context of their spring seminar in Lyon. The event was co-hosted by the great Lyon pastry chefs Sébastien Bouillet and Richard Sève as well as the high-end cartering company Maison Pignol.

All 190 guests gathered for a simple, warm and rustic meal, just as the spirit of our brand.
On the menu: roasted pigs, specialty of La Ferme du Milon, our caterer for the day, potatoes and seasonal veggies. For dessert, we could not go without fresh fruits and we offered our guests a sample of SICOLY® red fruits: stawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
Thanks to a collaboration with the brand Agrimontana
®, we also installed an ice-cream van with different recipes of sorbets and ince-creams created with our fruit purées.

Last but not least, the guests also had the opportunity to discover a beer, brewed by Chaps - Autour de la bière at just 2 km for our cooperative, made with our raspberry purée.

It has been a pleasure to share this moment with such great chefs !



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