4thPlated Desserts Exhibition Challenge

A longstanding partner of the Rhône-Alpes association of pâtissiers, SENSIBILITE GOURMANDE, on 28 January 2015 SICOLY® stood side by side with the contenders for the 4thPlated Desserts Exhibition Challenge organised by the association during the SIRHA international hotel, catering and food trade exhibition (Lyon Eurexpo).

Working against the clock, six chefs applied all their skills to the creation of a pre-dessert and a plated dessert (six identical pieces to be produced for each recipe).  

This year, the jury of pâtissiers and MOF awardees headed by Christophe GASPER (President of the association) and Patrick CASULA (Honorary President) awarded first place to Yoann LAVAL, of the restaurant La Villa Florentine in Lyon. Johan STEPNIEWSKI (Auberge de Létraz in Sevrier) and Jonathan VALLENARI (Hôtel Parc Beaumont) carried off the second and third prizes. 

Congratulations to them and to all the participants!



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