New SICOLY® Equilibres balanced recipe sheets

Our Equilibres recipe sheets, are a collection of delicious recipes created around one of four themes (Ganaches, Fruit mousses, Sorbets & Fruit ice-creams and Fruit pastes).

Each recipe is developed according to the specific characteristics of each purée and its constituent fruit, with the aim of bringing out its aromatic characteristics. 

With the turn of the new year 2015, SICOLY® has prepared a few surprises for you… 
The five existing Equilibres recipe sheets have been rethought and updated in line with the expansion of our range.  

But that's not all! Two new sheets have made their début:

Equilibre Pastry creams, by Jean-Jacques BORNE, holder of the prestigious MOF (Best Craftsman in France) award, of the Institut de l’Excellence Culinaire, for garnishing choux, éclairs etc. 

Equilibre Marshmallows (recipes with and without eggs), by Jordi PUIGVERT founder of Sweet’n Go help you create winning delicious, fruity desserts in total balance with the SICOLY® range of fruit purées.



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