SICOLY celebrates its 60th birthday !

A special logo for a very special occasion !

2022 is a milestone in the history of SICOLY as this year the cooperative is celebrating its 60thanniversary!

To celebrate, SICOLY has treated itself to a new logo for this special year!

Created in 1962, SICOLY has never ceased to grow, innovate and explore new possibilities for making the most of its local fruits. The cooperative gathers 120 fruit producers for a total of some 570 hectares of orchards and 9000 tons of fresh fruit produced each year.

1978 marked a new turning point for the company with the start of a new activity, after an exceptional harvest of raspberries that forced the company to freeze part of the fruit: frozen fruit purées and juices for professionals (pastry chefs, bakers, confectioners,ice-cream markers, brewers, etc.). Nowadays, the company exports its products to some of the most well-known chefs worldwide and counts with an extensive range of premium frozen fruit.

At 60 years old, SICOLY is a unique company at the crossroads of experience and innovation and it is ready to go for 60 more years to continue to offer new products aligned with its core values of respect, naturality and innovation.Long live SICOLY !



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