Taste of the Year 2015

In 2015, and for the third year running, the Ariane Les Naturianes® apple earned the award of "Reconnu Saveurs de l'année" (Recognised Taste of the Year), achieving a score of more than 15/20!

Ariane Les Naturianes® is a two-coloured apple with unrivalled flavours: it combines sweet and tart notes with a firm, crunchy texture. 

The challenge in developing this variety was to bring to market a high quality apple with resistance to scab, a disease affecting the fruit and leaves of the apple tree. Its characteristics also limit the need for fertilisers and other disease control products, resulting in a flavoursome and high-quality apple with excellent tolerance to handling operations. 

 So why wait to enjoy it: the whole fresh fruit or Ariane apple purée? 



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