Our unsweetened fruit purées range continues to grow with the Red Love® apple.

SICOLY® unveils a new unsweetened frozen fruit purée recipe: the Red Love ® apple .

The Red Love ® apple is a new variety, born out of the imagination of a Swiss scientist who found the orchards lacked colours. He then decided to create an unique apple, red inside and out !
Beside this particular colour, this apple offers many more advantages such as its acidulous and very sweet taste.
To preserve all the fruit aromas, this purée is 100% without added sugars, from high quality fruits made in France. The fruits are picked when perfectly riped and then simply crushed in our workshops for a unique texture and rich flavours.

SICOLY ® Red Love apple purée can be used by all chefs, pastry professionals, confectioners and all other food professionals to create sweet our savoury recipes, with this unique and original apple.

Roses are red, Red Love® is too, we can guarantee you will love it too !

discover this new purée in 1kg cases and 22kgs buckets.



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