SICOLY® targets 100% fruit purées without added sugars

The company is announcing its project on evolving towards a whole range of fruit purées 100% without added sugars.

SICOLY® on-going innovations are made to always respond the best to the new cuisine trends of today and tomorrow, with tailored products. Today, chefs worldwide are seeking more natural and frank tastes, highlighting the raw product.

With already 46 references 100% without added sugars, in other words, more than half the range, counting with all the citrus juices and all the organic references for instance, SICOLY® is taking a step forward and wants to expand the "100% without added sugars" to its entire purée range by 2020.

Thanks to the unsweetened recipes, we reveal all the fruit aromas for products with very fresh and natural flavours. It also widens the possible uses of  SICOLY® products as the chefs will be able to create both sweet and savoury recipes, from starter to dessert. Actors of the beverage industry can also take advantage of that change to integrate the purées in cocktails, beers or any other fruity beverage.

Last but not least, not adding any sugar to our recipes is a clear commitment to offering healthier products in order to ally pleasure and health.

"100% fruit for 100% pleasure" is the new path for SICOLY®



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