New frozen strawberry and raspberry purée from France

SICOLY® launches three new red fruit frozen purée references for spring.

SICOLY® has taken advantage of its unique position in the market, being at the same time a fruit producer and a frozen fruit manufacturer, to offer a range of frozen products from its own orchards such as blackcurrant, Williams pear or blood peach, before it became popular. 

For its 60th birthday, SICOLY® wants to highlight even more the beautiful French produce and creates a specific range called  « Les Fruits de France» with three new red fruit references, in limited edition : Charlotte strawberry, raspberry and Organic strawberry.

Strawberry is a must-have fruit for spring and SICOLY® has chosen the Charlotte variety to create its new frozen strawberry purée from France. This strawberry is one of the most aromatic varieties and is particularly appreciated by professionals, and especially pastry chefs, for its exceptional aromas, both very sweet and with a hint of wild strawberry. Its vivid red colour is also a plus for beautiful creations.

SICOLY® also offers an organic frozen strawberry purée from France, with fruit from the Duchesse variety.

Finally, SICOLY® offers a new raspberry purée from France. This new recipe is made from a subtle blend of different variety, with a majority of Mecker raspberry, and a selection of other raspberries from the fields of the cooperative fruit producers.

As the rest of our frozen purées and juices range, these new recipes are without added sugars, to preserve all the aromas of the fruit, and to offer you products the closest possible to the fresh fruit.

For inspiring you, SICOLY® has asked to its chef partners to create exclusive recipes with the new Charlotte strawberry purée and raspberry purée from France, all reunited in a e-book, available on the following link : Recipes E-Book



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