No added sugar frozen pomegranate purée

SICOLY®’s frozen pomegranate purée without added sugar is made from a balanced blend of pomegranate rubies from fruit picked at optimum ripeness, and pomegranate juice. The selected pomegranate blend is processed into fruit purée in our production facilities.

No sugar is added in the recipe (only the natural sugars of the fruits) to preserve the original taste of the fruit. It also allows our clients to adjust the sugar content of their recipes themselves and offer healthy and yet delicious preparations.

 Sicoly product image No added sugar frozen pomegranate purée

Utilisation / Specificities :

Sicoly Cocktail


Sicoly Candy


Sicoly Dessert


Sicoly Ganache


Sicoly Caterer


Sicoly Kosher


Sicoly Without added sugar

Without added sugar


6 x 1 kg = 6 kg trays

6 x 1 kg = 6 kg trays

Code : PUGE01XB01


Packagings Pack code Over-pack (mm) Pallet (cm) Boxes / tiers Tiers / pallet Boxes / pallet Weight / pallet (kg)
6 x 1 kg = 6 kg trays XB01 288 x 242 x 167 boxes 100 x 120 16 11 176 1056
80 x 120 12 9 108 648
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