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Born in Saint Etienne, Jean Jacques Borne had a difficult adolescence. He dropped out of school at sixteen and was even involved in petty delinquency. In 1975, he was lucky enough to start training at the pâtisserie of Monsieur Reynaud, where he learnt to value hard work, something he strongly believes in to this day. After he got his CAP (French professional certificate), he worked in different places until he eventually got a job at the Nelson, one of the best tea rooms in Saint Etienne. While he was woking there, he discovred modern patisserie and its demanding discipline. This experience came as a real revelation. He developed a passion for creation, something he has never stopped cultivating since. Soon afterwards, he was hired as head of brigade at the Beau Rivage, a Relais & Châteaux hotel located in Condrieu. A real workaholic, he passed his brevet de maîtrise Pâtisserie (certificate of excellence) while he was working at the Beau Rivage as Chef pâtissier. After this, he took over the management of three boutiques in Oyonnax, which he developed into successful businesses through hard work. However, the pressure soon became unbearable, and he decided to turn instead to teaching. For 20 years, he worked as a professor at the CFA of Saint Etienne, where he shared his passion for pâtisserie with several generations of students. In the 90s, he worked as a coach helping professional pâtissiers prepare for prestigious competitions, before he himself was awarded the distinction of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in the Glacier (ice-cream making) category. In 2004, eager to meet new challenges, he quit teaching and opened the Institut de l'Excellence Culinaire in Saint Etienne, a cooking school dedicated to gastronomic cuisine and pâtisserie for both keen amateurs and professionals. Convinced that gastronomy can go hand in hand with a health conscious lifestyle, he launched Kaori, a pâtisserie shop selling macaroons, spices, ice creams and chocolates made from all natural ingredients. He even created two fruit and vegetable-based ketchup sauces, without added sugar, and low in salt.

Its establishments

Institut de l'excellence culinaire, Boutique KAORI, MOF - France

Les recettes de Jean-Jacques BORNE


"Rising sun" square log
Blackcurrant tatin tart
Kick pie with crushed lemon
Redcurrant & exotic fruit "douceur nacrée"
Chestnut, blood peach and litchi cake

Les fiches équilibres de Jean-Jacques BORNE