FRUIT CULTIVATION which is dynamic and well-established

Sicoly's orchards stand on a terroir that is perfect for fruit cultivation, thanks to its favourable sun-maximising position and rich soil. The Romans grew vines here on a large scale from an early date in order to supply the capital of the Gaulls, Lugdunum (present-day Lyon).
The installation of an irrigation system in the Lyon hills in 1970 promoted the development of a flourishing fruit growing sector in the region.

une arboriculture dynamique et installée
des vergers caractérisés par la diversité des fruits

ORCHARDS, characterised by a diversity of fruit

The orientation of its orchards allows Sicoly to meet market requirements by adapting its offer in an agile and responsive manner. Cultivation under cover is becoming predominant (hail-protection netting over apples, pears and peaches, tunnels for red fruit). It guarantees a harvest for the producer and impeccable fruit quality for the customer irrespective of the weather conditions during the picking period.


biological control methods

  • Introduction of natural predators : Ladybird larvae in the raspberry tunnels are just one example. They are an effective means of controlling aphids and other pests...
  • Sexual disruption : To control the codling moth (a moth that attacks apples and pears), sex pheromones are sprayed in the orchard in order to disrupt its reproduction and so prevent the laying of larvae inside the fruit.

A RESPONSIVE, technical service

The technical service is primarily tasked with providing guidance to orchards in line with market changes. To accomplish this, the technicians offer advice to producers on their cultivation methods (selection of varieties and planting method, pruning, irrigation, fertilisation and pest and disease control). They also play a technical role in supporting producers and providing training, making the various regulatory requirements accessible to them. Finally they oversee the application of best agricultural practices and compliance with specifications and standards. 

Un service technique à l'écoute
Des conseils adaptés à chaque producteur

ADVICE TAILORED, to each individual producer

One of the essential missions of this department is to assist the producer in determining his or her farming structure. The use of organic methods and the application of principles of sustainable agriculture (providing the plant whit what it needs and no more) have always been at the heart of the Technical Department's advice and training work. Such techniques introduced by producers are intended to guarantee healthy fruit while protecting the environment and secondary fauna. This has resulted in a number of fruit farms becoming GLOBALGAP® or Production Fruitière Intégrée. Others meet the Baby-foods specifications.