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PRODUCTION FACILITIES at the cutting edge of technology

SICOLY® has chosen to invest in innovative tools, in order to bring you fruits that meet your every expectation. These include:

  • The very first fully electronic cherry grader in France. Five tonnes of cherries are sorted uniformly per hour. Cameras allow the cherries to be sorted by size and by colour, but they also allow the detection of imperfections in each fruit, so that only the best are kept.
  • Hydro-cooling, which cools the fruit very quickly as soon as it arrives at our facility, thereby instantly halting further development.

COMMITTED PRODUCERS for greater guarantees

The cooperative has been awarded multiple labels: GlobalG.A.P, Integrated Fruit Production approach, BRC and eco-friendly orchards for some kinds of fruits... Alternative methods avoiding the use of disease control products have been applied in the orchards for over 20 years. A proportion of production has Organic Farming certification. In their fruit production, SICOLY members receive the technical support of an in-house department devoted full-time to advising producers. So naturally, all SICOLY fruits are compliant with most applicable specifications, be they national, European or specific to certain customers.

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A SALES DEPARTMENT, dedicated and effective

The three people in the Sicoly Sales Department are responsible for annual sales of 10 000 tonnes of fruit. This work has been facilitated with the introduction in 2011 of a new ERP (Entreprise Ressource Planning) system specially adapted to the company's computer system. It makes it possible to manage the flow of goods in real time, from producers' delivery forecasts right up to the point of shipping. A tailored logistics module has been developed to cope with the particular constraints of this sector.

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LOGISTICS, tailored to every need

Sicoly has its own 26-tonne refrigerated carrier vehicle to make regional deliveries and runs to external carriers. In the summer period, another two vehicles further strengthen the fleet. This in-house logistics arrangement is permanently reinforced by another, leased refrigerated vehicle. Sicoly also relies on a very large network of specialist carriers, so that fruit can be delivered to all regions in France within 24 hours of harvesting. Special logistics arrangements have been developed to optimise this task.