Relais Desserts

The Relais Desserts association is a benchmark organization in the world of fine pâtisserie : its internationally renowned members contribute to its standing, as does its long-held commitment to excellence.
In promoting French know-how across the world, it is proclaiming respect for the products, the importance of work and openness to the world... all valued shared since its inception by the SICOLY - SICODIS cooperative group.​

Quentin BAILLY Brand ambassador

Born in the North of France, Quentin Bailly passed everyday in front of the window of the neighbouring pastry shop, both generous and gourmet like himself ... that is where he got his passion and goal in life to become a pastry chef.
At age 16 he started training in the local hospitality schools and he completed his apprenticeship at Le Bel Air pastry in Saint-André, where he learned the complex and delicate craft of sugar. He perfected his experience in Paris, at Sucré Cacao with James Berthier and later with Stéphane Glacier, MOF in 2000. He then left the world of store pâtisserie, joinging Philippe RIGOLLOT in the Maison Pic *** in Valence. He later returned to the French capital where he took over the direction of Un Dimanche à Paris, a concept store dedicated to chocolate before going back to work with Philippe Rigollot in Annecy, as chocolate chef.
A competition devotee, he ranked 4th in the World Skills Competition in 2005 and then, as captain of the French Pastry team, won the Pastry World Cup in 2013.
Creative and passionate, it is by working in prestigious establishments and meeting with the best chocolate and pastry chefs that he developed his undisputed talent.
Since 2018, Quentin Bailly represents SICOLY® brand worldwide as a chef partner, showcasing the products into recipes our in big international events.

Sebastian Pettersson Brand ambassador

 Sebastian Pettersson is one of the youngest members of the Swedish Culinary Team through all times and has already a strong experience with Michelin stared restaurants as Oaxen Krog & Operakällaren. He’s known for having one of the business most creative and impressive drive.
In 2016 he competed for the Swedish Jr Culinary Team in IKA Culinary Olympics, Erfurt as the responsible for the plated desserts.He obtained the overall high score for the desserts and ended with the overall competition goldmedals of the podium.
2 years later, this time he leveled up with the senior team. He was responsible for the plated desserts once again. He surprised the judges with new interesting flavors and designes, once again ended up on the top spot of the podium. Gold medal and overall winners of Culinary World Cup 2018 in Luxembourg.
Now working as executive pastry chef in the restaurant Tak in Stockholm, he also shares his taste for competition by training the Swedish team for culinary and pastry competitions.

Since 2019, Sebastian has been representing the SICOLY® brand worldwide, providing masterclasses on new innovative techniques for pastries, and creating flavourful and innovative recipes using the SICOLY®premium frozen fruit products.

Sensibilité Gourmande

Founded in 1999, the aim of the Sensibilité Gourmande Association is to promote encounters and exchanges around the pâtissier profession. Sensitive to the changing requirements of its customers, for a number of years Sicoly has engaged with this Rhône-Alpes association as a key partner.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de patisserie

Since 1984, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in Yssingeaux has been training the talents of tomorrow. Every year, 1 550 trainees or students take part in its training courses, acquiring real expertise in pastry making. For a number of years, Sicodis has been supporting the ENSP, thereby making a contribution to the promotion of pâtisserie and to high-quality vocational training.

Jean-Jacques BORNE Brand ambassador

Holder of the coveted Meilleur Ouvrier de France award for Pâtisserie and Ice-cream making, this St Etienne chef has also taught at the Yssingeaux ENSP ans at Apprentice Training Centers, where he has trained numerous talents. In 2004, his passion for gastronomy led him to open the Institute of Culinary Excellence in his home town of St Etienne.
Jean-Jacques BORNE shares the same values for taste, excellence and hard work as SICOLY. He is one of the very first partner of the brand, representing SICOLY® for more than 20 years through tasteful recipes and events all around the world.