Relais Desserts

The Relais Desserts association is a benchmark organization in the world of fine pâtisserie : its internationally renowned members contribute to its standing, as does its long-held commitment to excellence.
In promoting French know-how across the world, it is proclaiming respect for the products, the importance of work and openness to the world... all valued shared since its inception by the SICOLY - SICODIS cooperative group.​

Sensibilité Gourmande

Founded in 1999, the aim of the Sensibilité Gourmande Association is to promote encounters and exchanges around the pâtissier profession. Sensitive to the changing requirements of its customers, for a number of years Sicoly has engaged with this Rhône-Alpes association as a key partner.

Ecole Nationale Supérieure de patisserie

Since 1984, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in Yssingeaux has been training the talents of tomorrow. Every year, 1 550 trainees or students take part in its training courses, acquiring real expertise in pastry making. For a number of years, Sicodis has been supporting the ENSP, thereby making a contribution to the promotion of pâtisserie and to high-quality vocational training.

Sweet n go Jordi Puigvert

A former master pâtissier with starred French and Spanish establishments and winner of many pâtisserie competitions, Jordi PUIGVERT now devotes his energies to Sweet N Go, his own training and consultancy company in the field of high-end pâtisserie. The creator of numerous recipes and Equilibres sheets for Sicodis, this Spanish chef has also contributed to the Book of Creative Recipes devoted to Red Fruit, published in 2012 on the occasion of the Group's 50th anniversary.

Institute of Culinary Excellence Jean-Jacques Borne

Holder of the coveted Meilleur Ouvrier de France award for Pâtisserie and Ice-cream making, this St Etienne chef has also taught at the Yssingeaux ENSP ans at Apprentice Training Centers, where he has trained numerous talents. In 2004, his passion for gastronomy led him to open the Institute of Culinary Excellence in his home town of St Etienne. Open to pâtisserie lovers, enthusiasts and novices of all ages, his cheerfully-delivered classes are real moments of sharing.. He has also created a number of Equilibres sheets and recipes for Sicoly, whose attention was dranw to this chef for his know-how and exceptional personality. These are available in the Chef Corner and in the Sicoly Creative Recipe Book devoted to Red Fruit.