Aroce Doce

Recipe for 15 verrines



Lemon grated zests
Organic frozen lemon juice
Frozen orange juice - Sicily
Orange grated zests
"Lambada" frozen mix purée

Cinnamon and pistachio


ingredients :

  • 62.5 g Milk
  • 1 g Vanilla pod
  • 50 g Caster sugar
  • 2.5 g Cinnamon sticks
  • 187.5 g Cream 35%
  • 62.5 g Egg yolks
  • 7.5 g Pistachio paste
  • 5 g Fish gelatin sheet

process :

Heat the milk and allow the vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks to infuse (about 30 minutes). Filter the mixture and then add milk to make up to the initial quantity (125g). Add the cream and the pistachio paste and set aside. Emulsify the egg yolks and caster sugar and then add this mixture to the cream with some milk. Cook as for a custard (83°C). Allow the mixture to cool and then add the melted gelatin (previously rehydrated). Emulsify the mixture using a blender and then fill the bottom of the sake cups with approximately 20g of mixture. Place in the refrigerator. Total weight before cooking: 378.5g - Total weight after cooking: 320.5g.

Aroce Doce style


ingredients :

  • 400 g Milk
  • 1.5 g Vanilla pod
  • 1 g Sicoly® orange grated zest
  • 37.5 g Egg yolks
  • 100 g Cream 35%
  • 50 g Powedered sugar, stevia
  • 0.5 g Sicoly® lemon grated zest
  • 0.75 g Aniseed powder
  • 62.5 g Arroze extra round grain rice

process :

Wash the rice in cold water and then cook until it reaches an «al dente» consistency. Drain and set aside. Bring the milk to boiling point and then allow the cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods to infuse. Set aside for 30 minutes. Filter and then add the cream. Bring to the boil and add the rice. Heat gently until the rice is completely cooked. Cream the egg whites with the caster sugar and cinnamon. Finish cooking the rice with the egg yolk, sugar and cinnamon mixture. Cook gently over a very low heat until a smooth mixture is obtained. Add the various zests and the aniseed powder. Leave the mixture to cool. Then place 30g in each black sake cup, on top of the pistachio cream. Place in the refrigerator before proceeding to the next step. Total weight before cooking: 591.25g.Total weight after cooking: 496.2g.



ingredients :

  • 300 g Sicoly® Lambada purée
  • 50 g Tremoline
  • 10 g Noilly prat
  • 25 g Powedered sugar, stevia
  • 6 g NH pectin
  • 1 g Blood orange zest

process :

Mix together the powdered sugar, stevia and pectin NH. Heat the Lambada purée with the Trimoline to 50°C and then add the sugar and pectin NH mixture. Bring to the boil and, to finish, add the Noilly Prat and the blood orange zest. Pour approximately 20g into the black sake cup, on top of the cold rice with milk. Place in the refrigerator. Total weight before cooking: 392g.Total weight after cooking: 375g.

Ginger, orange and lemon


ingredients :

  • 50 g Sicoly® organic lemon juice
  • 50 g Fresh ginger
  • 40 g Tremoline
  • 250 g Sicoly® orange juice
  • 1.5 g Agar agar
  • 50 g Powedered sugar, stevia

process :

Prepare the ginger and then blend in a food processor. Filter the mixture and add the fruit purées. Mix with the agar and then add the Trimoline and stevia. Bring the mixture to the boil. Place in the refrigerator before gelling. Place 10g of coulis in each sake cup and then place in the refrigerator. Total weight before cooking: 441.5g. Total weight after cooking: 437.5g

Assembly & finishing

Add the chocolate decoration (couverture chocolate and coloured cocoa butter) and a gold leaf.