Sugar-free raspberry Mont-Blanc

Recipe for Thirty items



No added sugar frozen raspberry purée

Meringue base

ingredients :

  • 130 g Egg whites
  • 130 g natsuc
  • 60 g Cornstarch
  • 60 g natsuc

process :

Heat the egg whites to 50°C and whip with the natsuc. When the meringue starts to set, add the second part of the natsuc mixed with the cornstarch.
Pipe the meringue base using a smooth nozzle for the center and a railway nozzle for the sides.

Dry out the meringues in the oven for 1h at 80°C and leave them outside of the oven overnight.

The next day, smoothen the edges using a fine sieve and coat the inside with cocoa butter.

Raspberry confit :

ingredients :

  • 1000 g SICOLY® no added sugar frozen raspberry purée
  • 200 g Allulosis
  • 25 g NH pectin
  • 1 g Xanthan
  • 80 g Lemon juice

process :

Heat the SICOLY® 100% raspberry purée. Mix together the allulosis, pectin and xanthan. Add the powders to the purée when boiling and whisk vigorously. Add the lemon juice.

Set aside.

Raspberry marmalade :

ingredients :

  • 1000 g Raspberry confit
  • 2000 g Fresh raspberries

process :

Mix the raspberry confit with the fresh raspberries cut in half.

Set aside.

Chestnut cream :

ingredients :

  • 2990 g Chestnut purée
  • 690 g Gelatin mass
  • 860 g natsuc
  • 130 g Water
  • 1380 g Cream

process :

Prepare a syrup with the natsuc and water. Mix the chestnut purée in a Thermomix blender and progressively add the natsuc syrup and melted gelatin mass. Cool down to 4°C and set aside.

Whip the cream and fold delicately in the cold chestnut purée.

Sugar-free vanilla chantilly :

ingredients :

  • 1000 g Cream
  • 60 g natsuc
  • 3 pieces Vanilla pod
  • 36 g Gelatin mass
  • 200 g Mascarpone

process :

Heat one quarter of the cream with the scrapped vanilla pods, natsuc and gelatin.
Mix inside the rest of the cold cream.

Before assembling, whip the cream with the mascarpone and put in a pipping bag.

Assembly & finishes

Fill in the meringue base with raspberry marmalade and some cooked chestnut pieces on the top.
Pipe the sugar-free chantilly with a smooth nozzle in a cone shape.

Using a «railway» nozzle, pipe the chestnut cream around the chantilly creating a wave movement.

Sprinkle with Codineige, and place on top of the Mont-Blanc a cut raspberry filled with raspberry confit.
Place 7 dice of glazed chestnut harmoniously on the sides.
Sprinkle with some gold leaf and place a piece of gold leaf on top of the top raspberry.