Sun candies

Recipe for 80 candies



Frozen kalamansi juice
Frozen Sicily blood orange juice



ingredients :

  • 225 g Sugar
  • 110 g Glucose
  • 300 g Cream 35%
  • 155 g Sicoly┬« calamansi juice
  • 75 g Butter

process :

Cook the sugar and glucose until they caramelise. Add the cream and the boiling SICOLY® Calamansi lemon juice and continue to cook until the temperature reaches 107°C. Add the butter and allow to cool before using for filling.

Blood orange


ingredients :

  • 250 g Sicoly┬« blood orange juice
  • 20 g Invert sugar
  • 50 g Glucose
  • 300 g Couverture dark chocolate 70%
  • 200 g Couverture milk chocolate 48%
  • 95 g Butter

process :

Bring the SICOLY® blood orange juice to the boil with the invert sugar and glucose. Add the dark and milk couverture chocolates and gently stir the ganache until smooth. Add the softened butter and use for filling. Leave to crystallise for 3/4 hour.


Coat the moulds with sparkling orange cocoa butter and white couverture chocolate. Add the Calamansi lemon cream and the blood orange ganache. Seal with white couverture chocolate.