Frozen ORGANIC ginger juice

SICOLY® offers the widest range of frozen organic juices and purées in the market!

SICOLY® frozen organic fruit juices and purées: ginger

Our organic ginger juice is made from organic fruit, grown in Peru, a country with a hot and humid climate, ideal for this crop.

Ginger from Peru differs from the other origins as it offers a more intense aroma and a more vivid colour.

As the rest of our frozen organic range, our organic frozen ginger juice is without added sugar*, to release the full aromas of the fruit and to offer you a purée with very authentic taste, the closest possible to the fresh fruit.

SICOLY® frozen organic juice range: quality guaranteed

In order to offer organic juices and purées that meet the high standards of chefs all around the world, the whole SICOLY® team thrive to create recipes of the highest quality possible.

The organic gingers selected for our purée are picked at optimal ripeness to concentrate all the flavours to obtain a powerful purée with strong aromas.

The juice is then processed and packaged  in our own facilities located in France (Saint-Laurent d’Agny). Our strict production process has been specifically developed to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the fruit: taste, colour and texture.
The recipes and process are carefully fitted to respect each fruit particularities.

Frozen organic ginger juice for all food and beverage professionals

Without added sugars*, SICOLY® organic juices and purées can be used in all your creations, both sweet and savoury.

This very aromatic juice, with a natural spicy taste, will give a nice kick and exotic touch to all your recipes : pastries, chocolates, ice-creams and sorbets, etc..

Beverage manufacturers will also appreciate this organic frozen fruit juice for their cocktails, beers or even kombucha recipes.

* (Contains only naturally occurring sugars)

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Utilisation / Specificities :

Sicoly Cocktail


Sicoly Candy


Sicoly Dessert


Sicoly Ganache


Sicoly Caterer


Sicoly Without added sugar

Without added sugar

Sicoly organic



6 bottles 500 g

6 bottles 500 g

Code : JUGG02XB07

Bucket of 10 kg

Bucket of 10 kg

Code : JUGG02XC04


Packagings Pack code Over-pack (mm) Pallet (cm) Boxes / tiers Tiers / pallet Boxes / pallet Weight / pallet (kg)
6 bottles 500 g XB07 198 x 133 x 247 boxes 100 x 120 42 6 252 756
80 x 120 32 6 192 576
Bucket of 10 kg XC04 380 x 290 x 160 100 x120 10 10 100 1000
80 x120 8 10 80 800