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Frozen coconut purees

SICOLY®  is a manufacturer and supplier of frozen fruit purées and juices. Its range is the widest available of the market with a great variety of fruits both from its own orchards in France and from foreign trusted suppliers for exotic fruits such as the coconut.

SICOLY® :  frozen coconut purée supplier

All SICOLY® frozen coconut purées are made from coconuts sourced in the Philippines, world's first producer of coconut fruits thanks to its exceptional climate and location. Fruits are rigourously selected following stringent quality criteria to ensure regularity of taste and quality for our frozen purées.

- Frozen unsweetened coconut puree with grated coconut
This frozen coconut purée offers a unique texture with pieces of grated coconut inside the purée.

- No added sugar frozen coconut milk
SICOLY® coconut milk is a more liquid product compared to the frozen purée.

- No added sugar frozen coconut cream
SICOLY® frozen coconut cream is very rich and more textured. With the natural fats of the fruits, this cream and be used as a replacement of cream in your recipes. It can also be whipped for making exotic chantilly creams and mousses.

SICOLY® quality warranty

The whole range of SICOLY® frozen coconut purée is with no added sugar to preserve the original tastes, textures and aromas of the original fruit.

All frozen coconut products are prepared in SICOLY® facilities in France, following a state-of-the-art and innovative process to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the original fruits. After mixing, purées are deaerated to avoid any risk of micro-oxydation and then heat treated with a high-speed specific process ( ohmic heat treatment) that leaves unscathed the flavours of the fruits.

Many conditionnements are available to answer to all your desires.

Frozen coconut purees

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Frozen coconut purée with grated coconut