Apricot monoportion

Recipe for Six portions



No added sugar frozen apricot purée - France
Apricot halves

For the crispy base

ingredients :

  • 100 g Gold Chocolate
  • 10 g Cocoa butter
  • 20 g Butter
  • 10 g Rice crisps

process :

Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter together in a microwave. Add the butter and rice crisps.

Press into ring moulds and freeze.

For the apricot insert

ingredients :

  • 345 g SICOLY® no added sugar apricot purée
  • 75 g Caster sugar
  • 4,5 g Agar agar
  • 4,5 g Gelatin sheets bronze
  • 150 g Sicoly® apricot halves

process :

Heat the SICOLY® apricot purée to 40-50°C. Mix agar agar and caster sugar together and then add it to the purée. Bring to boil and add the gelatine.

Add the chopped SICOLY® apricot halves and pour into silicon moulds.

Freeze for two hours. Unmould on top of the crispy base.

For the apricot stone mousse

ingredients :

  • 120 g 3% fat milk
  • 12 Apricot stones
  • 20 g Caster sugar
  • 30 g Egg yolk
  • 1 Gelatine leaf
  • 200 g Velvet chocolate
  • 450 g Whipped cream 35%

process :

Crush the apricot stones. Add into the milk and bring to a boil. Infuse for 30 minutes. Strain and add the caster sugar and egg yolks. Heat to 82°C.

Add the gelatin and strain over the chocolate. Cool down to 35°C and add the cream, previously whipped into soft peaks.

Pipe in the mould on top of the crispy base and the apricot insert.

For the apricot gel

ingredients :

  • 300 g SICOLY® no added sugar apricot purée
  • 40 g Caster sugar
  • 20 g GelCrem cold (Sosa)

process :

Bring the SICOLY® apricot purée and sugar to a boil.

Leave to cool down and mix with the Gelcrem.


Decorate with orange chocolate petals to create a flower shape.

Thinly slice some apricots and place them on a plastic rhodoid sheet. Freeze. Once set, cut out a strip and place around the apricot stone mousse.

Finish with some apricot gel, apricots and edible flowers on the top.