Morello cherry stoned

SICOLY®’s IQF frozen stoned morello cherries are the product of sour cherries of the Oblacinska variety, renowned for its taste quality and grown in Serbia. The fresh fruits are gathered ripe, they undergo an initial sorting operation, are stoned and then frozen in situ in order to guarantee optimum quality. The stoned morello cherries are then sorted a second time here in our production facilities and packed.

 Sicoly product image Morello cherry stoned

Utilisation / Specificities :

Sicoly Cocktail


Sicoly Candy


Sicoly Dessert


Sicoly Ganache


Sicoly Caterer


Sicoly Without added sugar

Without added sugar

Sicoly Kosher



5 x 1 kg = 5 kg bags

5 x 1 kg = 5 kg bags

Code : BIGI60XD02

Bulk 10 Kg

Bulk 10 Kg

Code : BIGI60XF04


Packagings Pack code Over-pack (mm) Pallet (cm) Boxes / tiers Tiers / pallet Boxes / pallet Weight / pallet (kg)
5 x 1 kg = 5 kg bags XD02 380 x 285 x 106 boxes 100 x 120 10 14 140 700
80 x 120 8 13 104 520
Bulk 10 Kg XF04 Contact us
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